Dart Center-Radio in Chile: Voice of Recovery

When the magnitude 8.8 earthquake hit south-central Chile early on February 27, everything went silent. No electricity, no cell phones, no computers, and most importantly, says Mauro Morshiatti, no radio. But within 15 minutes Morshiatti and his team of engineers, producers and reporters at the Radio Bio Bio network, headquartered in Concepción, a town of a half million people near the epicenter, had broken the silence with a simple broadcast. He had no information about the extent of the damages or the government response, but Morshiatti knew he had to get on the air.

“When there is silence it means you’re absolutely alone. And after an earthquake that’s distressing. And the newspapers can’t solve that, it has to be the radio,” he said. “It has to be a voice.”

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