MPR-Freelance journalists often face big-league dangers

Freelance journalists often face big-league dangers by Jesse Hardman January 21, 2010

The Wall Street Journal recently compiled its list of the 200 best to worst occupations, taking into consideration levels of physical demands, stress, employment outlook, income and environment. Reporters ranked toward the bottom, well below nuclear-plant decontamination technicians. Perhaps it’s not surprising that during a year when the Great Recession has compounded a decade of newspaper revenue declines and newsroom firings, reporting has become a career on par with garbage collectors.

What is surprising is that so many young people continue to want to become journalists despite this bleak reality and the unknown future of the industry. Graduate school applications at institutions such as Columbia University, NYU and Northwestern’s Medill are up. Columbia had a 38 percent increase in applications, despite continued low wages and few opportunities in the industry.

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