Jesse Hardman
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Jesse Hardman is a reporter, researcher, and writer. He has covered immigration, welfare, local culture, international diplomacy, and a wide range of other topics for National Public Radio, the BBC, Chicago Public Radio and a host of other programs. Hardman has also reported stories from a number of countries including Colombia, Ireland, Italy and Mexico. He has written magazine articles and written and voiced numerous commentaries for radio air. Hardman is also currently pursuing research concerning free press and community development.

He invites you to take a listen to some of his favorite adventures, thoughts and stories.

"Of high adventures, hairbreadth escapes and deeds of daring there were few; yet in all the annals of exploration, I doubt if any traveler, not excepting Marco Polo himself, had more leisure than I to see and understand the people, the animals and plant life of the countries traversed."

  - A.F. Tschiffely

Dispatches from the field

High School Pushouts
2004 » Chicago Matters

Brooklyn Bike Brawl
2005 » NPR's Weekend Edition

Grand Opening Museum of the Am. Indian
2004 » Website exclusive

War Veteran
2003 » WBEZ's 848

Odyssey Project
2003 » Marketplace

Yao Ming
2003 » This American Life

Little Village: a search for space
2003 » WBEZ News

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Middle Class at the corner of Lawrence and Damen
fall 2001 » WBEZ's 848

Train Travel
winter 2000 » WBEZ's 848

Dreamcatchers and a Search for Identity
fall 2000 » WBEZ's 848

Around the World

La Colonia
2005 » Free Speech Radio News

US/South American Political Roundtable
2005 » News and Notes

Surfing for Solitude
2004 » Website exclusive

Bantu Refugees
2003 » WBEZ's 848

Lincoln Square and Yugoslavia
summer 2002 » WBEZ's Worldview

Celtic Tiger
summer 2000 » WBEZ's Worldview

Howl: A Millenium Celebration
winter 1999 » BBC Worldservice

Pinochet and London
winter 2000 » WBEZ's Worldview

The Mayor of Palermo, Sicily
winter 2000 » WBEZ's Worldview

Tribunal on Colombia
winter 2000 » WBEZ's Worldview

The Up and Comers
Contributions from my radio students