Red Hook after the storm Video

Ulyses Bermudez just had his first bath in a week and a half. “It was so fantastic, it took me two hours and 22 minutes to warm up that water. But when I went in there, I was at heaven, I was at peace. I mean, I scrubbed myself down, I felt so fresh, I felt like I was born again. It felt so good.”

Bermudez lives at 80 Dwight street, one of the 25 public housing buildings that make up the Red Hook West homes. Hurricane Sandy caused high tides to spread out over the Red Hook neighborhood, which sits right off the ocean in South Brooklyn. It flooded the basement of Bermudez’s building, disabling everything but the gas. Bermudez recently got his water back on, but it’s cold. He, and most of the other 100 or so neighbors who refused to leave the building for storm shelters, have not been able to do basic things, like shower, for going on two weeks.