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Hotels become home for flood victims-WWNO

Thousands of Louisiana flood victims are still living in hotels as part of FEMAs Temporary Shelter Assistance program. On the list of FEMA relief options, the hotel vouchers are meant as a short-term solution —…


Planting Questions in New Orleans

Three years ago I moved to New Orleans because of a question. I was sitting having a beer with a local news director who had just been tasked with creating a new news department, but…


Financial Strain of Flood Recovery

Back in August, just after the historic floods, Louisiana officials expressed concern that proposed federal and state disaster recovery funds might not be enough. With deadlines for flood assistance programs passed, or looming, affected residents…

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Both Sides Of The Gun

Two prominent local athletes discuss what it feels like to know both slain NFL star Will Smith and his alleged killer, Cardell Hayes. Full article

Ceasefire sign New Orleans backdrop

A New Orleans Day

Early last November, in New Orleans’s Upper 9th Ward, a woman in her 50s wandered through the morning sunshine in an oversized t-shirt and pyjama bottoms. She stumbled across Bunny Friend Park, past an empty…

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A Lower Ninth Ward Story

John Taylor started his walks a few months after the storm, when he first came back to the Lower Ninth Ward. In the beginning, it was just to see what happened to his neighbors. Who…

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Young, Married, and Incarcerated

It’s called “ceiling time” at Eastern Correctional facility in New York’s Hudson Valley—those minutes between heading back to one’s cell and falling asleep. “Ceiling time is when you lay down and you’re reflecting on things,…

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The Battle To Keep Ho Chi Minh City Above Water

Vietnam has one of the fastest rates of urbanization of any country in the world. Almost half of its nearly 90 million residents are expected to be living in cities by 2030. Many internal migrants…

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Listening is a Revolutionary Act: Part 2

The media landscape is such a competitive, often over-saturated space, and connecting with an audience means competing with everything from CNN to Candy Crush, Facebook to the New York Times. It’s hard to know how…


After the Storm

Anniversaries of disasters, like Hurricane Sandy, are important, because they help gauge what’s been learned and what progress has been made. They allow people an opportunity to grieve. But just as often, anniversary coverage overlooks…

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Preacher’s Kid

Radio producer Jesse Hardman has a tenuous connection with William Graham, a man who once lived as a fugitive from federal authorities for over 20 years. They both are preacher’s kids, sons of episcopal priests….

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Louisiana Falls Off The Map

BAYOU PETIT CAILLOU, La.—Just before sunset on a humid weekday, Vic and Bebe McElroy, a couple in their 60s, are cruising through one of the bayous south of New Orleans in their skiff, Fish Dancer….


Elevating Homes To Survive Coastal Erosion

In the 10 years since Hurricane Katrina ravaged Louisiana’s shoreline, residents who live near waterways have a new mantra – high and dry. Many are embracing home elevation. Jesse Hardman, of member station WWNO, reports….

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Cajun Mardi Gras

ACADIANA, La. — It is just after dawn on Mardi Gras, but I’m not at some Bourbon Street bar, facedown on the floor trying to rally for some morning parades. No, I’m off a country…


Escaping from Burma but Falling into Slavery

Based on Thai government statistics, there are an estimated 2 to 3 million Burmese working in Thailand. Many of the original wave of migrants came during political turmoil in the late 1980s, but the vast…


Spain Makes a Comeback in NYC

When Jose Manuel “Manolo” Gomara arrived in New York City for the first time in 2010, he had been away from his home country of Spain for a year, working at a restaurant in Cancun,…

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Red Hook after the storm

Twenty-five housing complexes in Red Hook, Brooklyn sit a few blocks from the ocean. Three days after Hurricane Sandy, most still don’t have power or running water

New Orleans Red Beans & Rice Tradition

Red Beans & Ricely Yours

Around 11 p.m. on a Monday night at B.J.’s Lounge, an old wooden shack of a dive bar in New Orleans’ Bywater neighborhood, 40-year-old musician Jimmy Horn warms up his vocal cords. “We got beans…


A Tale Of Two Coastal Towns Part 1: Staten Island

Low-lying coastal areas are the front lines for sea level rise, and increasingly frequent and destructive storms at sea. Hurricane Sandy proved it’s not just the South or the Gulf Coast at risk. Staten Island, one…


Vanishing Points In Terrebonne Parish Louisiana

The best way to understand Louisiana’s rapidly changing coastal map may be to look from above. That’s how you see the small highways headed South, slim like bony fingers, disappearing into a blue backdrop. What…


River Diversions And The Fate Of Louisiana’s Coast

A big part of Louisiana’s coastal Master Plan centers around something called “diversions.” Fresh water from the Mississippi River is diverted so that the water, and the silt it carries, can rebuild the sinking coast….


Louisiana Coastal Restoration Drives An Industry Boom

This spring a state committee approved $477 million for coastal protection and restoration. When you throw in federal dollars, and private funding as well, fixing Louisiana’s coast is becoming big business. Listen Here ->


Become Apart of Local News in New Orleans

If you came across a microphone just planted in the middle of your neighborhood, what would you say into it? What if the microphone was tucked into a hanging cardboard tree and had a series…

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Where I’m From

Where I’m From mixes entertainment, journalism, and commentary in a big-hearted mash-up that reflects the talents, experiences, and contributions of diaspora populations in the US. “CLICK” to listen to the show

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A Green Scene Is Brewing On Milwaukee’s Fresh Coast

WWNO’s Coastal Desk has been on tour, looking at water management in other cities. Austin and Philadelphia were the first stops. Now we’ll hear about the final city: Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A delegation of New Orleans city…

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Faces of Brooklyn’s Public Housing Residents After Sandy

Ulyses Bermudez just had his first bath in a week and a half. “It was so fantastic, it took me two hours and 22 minutes to warm up that water. But when I went in there, I was at heaven, I was at peace. I mean, I scrubbed myself down, I felt so fresh, I felt like I was born again. It felt so good.”

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Ethiopia: development yes, dissent no

A booming African city, in a police state, with remnants of its brush with colonial Europe. But a place where democracy threatens to emerge says reporter Jesse Hardman in his View From Here. Listen below:

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Burmese Migrants in Thai Fishing Industry

  The southeast Asian country of Burma may be best known for its repressive government, but it also has one of the world’s lowest per capita incomes. Government controls, inefficient financial policies and corruption have…

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Iraqi Christians find shelter in the Windy City

Chicago is now home for a growing group of Christian Iraqis fleeing violence and persecution in their country. Some are hoping to return someday, while others are here to stay

Read more:,32068,996881448001_2077776,00.html#ixzz1QlodARLC

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My Dad’s Battle with Parkinsons

There are three black and white photographs of my dad that tell the story of the last few years. My brother, Andy, took them, and they are both beautiful and brutal.

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A Day at Daytrotter Studios is a top destination for music lovers that offers unique recordings from its studio, known for bringing out the best in bands that stop by to play.

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Marketing Egypt’s Revolution

As Egyptians look ahead to what’s next, vendors, marketers, and advertisers are trying to capture the lightning in a bottle that was the Tahrir revolution.

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Chicago Votes for a New “Boss”

Rahm Emanuel is the frontrunner in the race for Chicago mayor. But other candidates, and their constituencies, hope to keep him from running away with the vote

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Escucha! Taking Community Radio Digital in the Americas

ICFJ Trainer Jesse Hardman visited top community radio participants from Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico and Venezuela to help them improve their use of digital technology and best practices to reach new audiences with quality content. This video shows what an impact better radio can have on each community.

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Simon Bolivar Rides Again!

Last December page A-27 of the New York Times displayed a picture of a very American-three story house complete with Christmas adornments and a welcoming open door. Above the house sat a caption in big…

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Tribal Radio

Jesse Hardman and Maura O’Connor recently drove around the southwestern United States visiting some of the 33 Native American reservations that have their own radio stations. They said it became clear that “radio, often dismissed as outdated for the Web 2.0 era, was the most essential medium of communication in Indian country.” Airchecks from these stations sound alive and connected, peopled by a real range of characters. On Transom, Jesse and Maura put together a report, full of photos and audio, and we also created two radio pieces. One is an NPR-style news magazine piece. The other is a Transom-style collage. Listen to both. Tell us what you think. On our discussion board, we’ll be joined by some of the staff of the tribal stations and they’d like to hear from you.

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Media Training in Sri Lanka

esse Hardman was a reporter here at WBEZ. He’s also been Worldview’s World Cup Commentator for the past two years, and writes the blog Put Me in the Game. Most recently he spent a year doing media training in Sri Lanka, working with local reporters on a project to improve access to information for people who’d been displaced by the war. His group of reporters produced a daily radio show called Lifeline. In order to gather material for the program, they went to the areas where those who’d been displaced by the war were living. Jesse talks to us about what the mood was like in the country when the civil war ended.

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This American Life – Act Three, Lost in Translation

he story of a not-very-tall, not-very-athletic man—Colin Pine—who becomes a minor celebrity in the NBA, as the translator for one of the most famous rookies in basketball history: The first Chinese player ever to go number one in the draft, Yao Ming. Reporter Jesse Hardman tells his story. (17 minutes)

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Music in the Midst of Sri Lanka’s Civil War

One of the stories of 2009 was the end of 25 years of brutal civil war in Sri Lanka. Government troops forced the surrender of the Tamil Tiger rebels in the island nation just south of the Indian continent.

One Minnesotan who got an inside view of the conflict was journalist Jesse Hardman In the midst of the chaos he came upon an amazing story of a forgotten people.

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Public Radio-Xenophobia and the World Cup

With Ghana making the Quarterfinals of the World Cup, South Africans are confronted by euphoria and support for the Black Stars, and a continued reluctance to embrace the millions of African migrants who live amongst them. Jesse Hardman reports from Johannesburg

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A Young Hawaiian Clears An Imposing Hurdle

In Hawaii, where few public schools are known for their academic achievements, a student’s chances of landing a spot in a big state school is remote. But Peni Fiuangaihetau, a larger-than-life high school senior from Maui, has beaten cultural and academic odds to land a college spot in Utah. Hawaii ranks dead last in U.S. high school academic testing. Very few students in the state go on to college.

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Worldview-Chile: Rebuilding After the Earthquake Part 1

In Chile the south of the country continues to piece itself together after it’s massive earthquake at the end of February. They’re trying to get million children back in school. 800,000 people are still homeless. Jesse Hardman is a former Chicago Public Radio reporter who’s been working with Internews in Chile. Internews is a non profit that works to empower local media in more than 70 countries. Hardman says local radio has played an important role in the Chilean recovery.

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Chile: Rebuilding After the Earthquake Part II

In Chile the south of the country continues to piece itself together after it’s massive earthquake at the end of February. They’re trying to get million children back in school. 800,000 people are still homeless. Jesse Hardman is a former Chicago Public Radio reporter who’s been working with Internews in Chile. Internews is a non profit that works to empower local media in more than 70 countries. Hardman says local radio has played an important role in the Chilean recovery.

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PRI’s The World-US Embassies Designed for Safety

Jesse Hardman reports on how US embassies around the world are designed. Security is a top priority. And that means American embassy buildings tend to look like fortresses. Some designers say more could be done to combine aesthetics and openness with security.